IT Security Services

Make sure you are safe from cyber threats

Your organization confidential data is a priority.

Intrusion tests on business systems

Detailed report on achieved exploits.

Cryptography methods consulting

Highly secured communication channels.

Electromagnetic spectrum analysis

Transmission on electromagnetic spectrum.

Cryptographic anti-piracy

Establish highly encrypted links.

Encrypted bindings and countermeasures

Evaluate, interpret and secure the electromagnetic spectrum.

Rapid deployment of the service

Quick intervention in case of security emergency.

Network Audits

Detailed report on detected faults and fixes.

Computer security training

Train your employees in the bests security practices.

Services for law enforcement

Government Organization? Please contact us for more information.

Protect yourself against intrusions

Train your staff to cyber security

Secure your communication channels

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Offered services

  • Software development
  • Linux servers administration
  • Security tests and reports
  • Website design
  • Continuous integration and deployment

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