Privacy Policy

Protecting the data of our customers are our highest priority

Responsible of personal data

Information Collected, Stored, Disclosed and Destroyed

DASIO Technology undertakes to use the personal information transmitted to it by the customer only in the context of its daily operations and not to disclose it to other parties (except necessary third parties) without the prior authorization of the customers concerned, exception to law enforcement authorities, if requested by such authorities.

Some of your personal data (full name, telephone number, cookies, usage data, geographical coordinates) as well as other data (IP address and browser signature and telephone signature) are shared with third parties for the purpose of increase your customer experience, navigation and communication, to learn more about the privacy policies of each of the individual third parties, please refer to their website.

Here is the list of third parties with whom some of your personal and other data is shared:

All information collected by DASIO Technology or a third party will be kept for an indefinite period (will be revised in September 2023), please contact our personal data manager if you wish to destroy or anonymize the personal data concerning you on which we have control.

To try to block part of the tracking systems, we recommend that you install one of the following modules on your browser, however these could alter your user experience on the web in general:

Complaints and requests for oblivion

For any complaints, please contact our personal data officer.

Our protocol is as follows: