Business Software Development

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality.

Entire softwares

Model and automate your business workflows.

Plugins / modules

Software improvements and adaptations.

Technical librairies

Business-specific secured APIs and web services.

Automatic quality tests

Make great softwares

Automatic security analysis

Best practices for IT security.

Automatic stability analysis

Before each merge, every component is autotested.

Automatic quality check

Automated code quality analysis at each build..

Continuous development

Deploy usable product fast

Project divided between iterations

Divide the project to clear versions.

Fast delivery of the product

Fixes in priority, then add features.

Great added value

Ship ready product fast.

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Phone number : 1 (418) 780-6705

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Headquarter address

2158 av. de la Rivière-Jaune, Quebec, G2N 1T5, QC, Canada

Offered services

  • Software development
  • Linux servers administration
  • Security tests and reports
  • Website design
  • Continuous integration and deployment

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