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DASIO Technology

Since 2018, DASIO offers their web design, software development, systems administration and security services to SMEs and big companies around Canada.

We offers services in many technologies, notably :


Java, Python (Django), Bash (Linux), C# .NET Core (Entity Framework, Razor Pages, ASP.NET). Most on PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MySQL databases.

Quality assurance

jUnit and Mockito, xUnit and Moq.

Servers management

Linux (Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu), Nginx, Bind9 DNS, SystemD, Ansible.

Web design

We are also able to make changes or design a site or web application, such as an e-commerce, corporate site, management application or customer portal.

Great added value

Deliver a usable product quickly.

Automated stability tests

Every component is autotested.

Fast code deployment

Fix problems first, then add features.

Services et API

Middlewares, connectors and more.

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Phone number : 1 (418) 780-6705

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Address :

Headquarter address

2158 av. de la Rivière-Jaune, Quebec, G2N 1T5, QC, Canada

Offered services

  • Software development
  • Linux servers administration
  • Security tests and reports
  • Website design
  • Continuous integration and deployment

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