Servers and Infrastructure

High availability and performance clusters

High-frequency monitoring

Monitoring of infrastructures and related services with quick proaction.

Automatic backups

Off-site backups and disk redundancy, for maximum security of data.

Automatic deployment

Maintain maximum uptime, automate cluster deployment.

Application servers

Management software packages

Accounting Software, Billing, Quotes, Opportunities, Timesheets, Project Management and +

Dynamic website

Content Management Systems, eCommerce and +

Services and API

Middlewares, data proxies, connectors and +

Domain Servers

File servers

Manage permissions, remote access, internal and external sharing.

E-mail servers and agenda

Emails, synced with smartphone, antispam service and more.

Directory Services and SSO

Same credentials for all computerized systems.

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2158 av. de la Rivière-Jaune, Quebec, G2N 1T5, QC, Canada

Offered services

  • Software development
  • Linux servers administration
  • Security tests and reports
  • Website design
  • Continuous integration and deployment

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